5 Ways to Reject Diet Culture and Embrace Your Body

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Deborah Etienne-Ward, Psychologist, Baulkham Hills NSW
30 January 2017

Since working in the field of eating disorders I have become more aware of the extent that specific body shapes and sizes are idolised or stigmatised by society.

Idolisation: adoring, admiring, glorifying or worshipping; making a favourable judgement

Stigmatisation: negative judgment or shaming of an individual or group

I often hear weight adoration (idolisation) and shaming (stigmatisation) in everyday comments that people make such as “her body is ah-mazing” referring to a model in a magazine, or “she doesn’t need that ice cream” referring to someone whose body does not conform to society’s ideally slim physique.

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Psychologist, Baulkham Hills NSW

Deborah Etienne-Ward is a Clinical Psychology Registrar who has a passion for assisting people to develop a healthy and balanced relationship with food and exercise.


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