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The Talbot Centre is a vibrant, contemporary health service focussed on providing integrated physical, allied and mental health care programs.

Through our practice, research and training, we are active agents of change, transforming the Australian healthcare system into one that genuinely supports, uplifts and grows both patients and practitioners.

We are a purpose-driven, multidisciplinary service and we are always excited to welcome new team members who share our passion for shaping the future of healthcare.

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Join our Team
We do not do things as they’ve always been done. Instead, we pioneer new directions based on feedback from clients and staff and real-world research about interventions, engagement and career longevity.
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Allied Health Paediatric Team Excellence

Australian Allied Health Awards 2022

Allied Health Leadership & Management Excellence

Australian Allied Health Awards 2020-2021

Business Person of the Year

Local Business Awards 2019

Psychologist of the Year

Australian Allied Health Awards 2018

Work in a therapist’s wonderland

You’ll love coming to work in our ‘rainforest sanctuary’ – our purpose-built biophilic environment featuring natural materials,
floor-to-ceiling natural light and many beautiful plants.

We have applied the principles of trauma-informed care, body positivity and neurodiversity-affirming practice to create an
inclusive, calming space for consumers and staff.

Separate staff entry

Separate staff entry

cafe-style staff lunch area

Move between formal workspaces and relaxed, collaborative spaces integrated with our cafe-style staff lunch area.

Kitchen dining area for therapy

Kitchen/dining area for therapy

Large multipurpose space for group programs, exercise classes and community gatherings.

Large multipurpose space for group programs, exercise classes and community gatherings

Sensory Gym

Sensory gym

Large professional library

Large professional library

Grow in community

So often, healthcare professionals work in isolation even when surrounded by colleagues.

In contrast, The Talbot Centre emphasises belonging and community as a part of our vision. We believe that people thrive when they are connected in community with others. This is important not only for our clients but for our staff as well.

Your work role is designed in such a way that there are many opportunities to be actively engaged as part of TTC community, with colleagues of similar and varied backgrounds and experiences.

At TTC we do not just sit in our rooms or pass like ships in the night, you will be engaged in teams, doing meaningful work together as well as your individual client work. We also have shared break times and a social committee that ensures maximum opportunities for social connectedness – and there is always plenty of food!

Grow in community

Career by DesignTM

Our drive to transform healthcare is not only for our clients and community. It is also for our staff.

Healthcare professionals do vital, meaningful work, often at great personal cost. The system, as it currently stands, preys on our compassion for our patients and pushes us to work in an unsustainable manner that often leads to burnout.

We developed Career by DesignTM to innovate the way we work in order to enable our staff to enjoy a long, sustainable, rewarding career that makes a difference.

Self-care outside work is important for personal refreshment. But it cannot be the whole answer. Work itself needs to change.

As part of our value of Learn-Share-Grow, we share lessons as we change the design of work to support each of our healthcare practitioners.

In Career by DesignTM, we work with you to:
  • Understand your professional and personal priorities and structure a role (or the steps towards it) that facilitates the best outcomes for both
  • Schedule regular conversations about any shifts in priorities (recognising that these can change over time), realigning plans to reflect the new situation

Best of all, we don’t make you go down only one path. You can choose to pursue several different areas of interest – just as our founder, Dr Amy Talbot, did.

Dr Amy Talbot
quotation mark

Part of my story, part of the reason I started The Talbot Centre, is that I wanted to do lots of different things in my work. 

I enjoyed some niche areas of practice but I was interested in research, management, leadership, supervision, training and development. I liked working with both kids and adults. 

There was no job where I could do all those things – and I didn’t want 5 different piecemeal jobs so I created a role where I could explore many different areas of interest at once.

Dr Amy Talbot, clinical psychologist and director of The Talbot Centre​

Belonging here

We look for more than an excellent CV. We carefully select team members based on attitudes, values and cultural alignment, seeking out practitioners who share our deep-seated commitment to creating a better healthcare system.

You’ll be a great fit for our team if you
Are driven by meaningful service
Are committed to personal and professional growth
Believe that healthcare is about more than symptom reduction
Want to contribute to the health of the community
Make small innovations that drive larger-scale change
Work well as part of a multidisciplinary team
Are deeply convicted of the importance of client autonomy and empowerment
Are keen to drive systemic change in the healthcare system
Comfortable with clinical complexity and enjoy the process of therapy

Make a bigger contribution

At The Talbot Centre, you’ll not only treat your own patients, you’ll also have the opportunity to:
  • Innovate and develop new services that better meet clients’ needs
  • Advocate and influence policy development
  • Consult on cases brought to us by other clinicians across Australia who value our multidisciplinary input.

Enjoy minimal admin

Write your own notes and reports. Our admin team will take care of the rest.

We have a large, dedicated administrative team who are integral to client experience at the service. They play a key role in team care arrangements, journeying alongside clients. They are also involved in comprehensive triage assessments, supporting clients as they commence therapy.

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We’re currently advertising for the following positions:

Consultant Paediatrician
Consultant Psychiatrist
Psychologist/Clinical Psychologist/Registrar - Eating Disorders
Board Approved Supervisor
Paediatric Occupational Therapist (Sensory or Feeding Interest)

Don’t see an exact role match? Get in touch anyway. We are always accepting applications from like-minded professionals and so we encourage you to contact us even if you don’t see a job listed.

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