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Why see a Christian psychologist?

Many Christians prefer to seek treatment from a psychologist who has a shared faith and world-view, just as other people may prefer to work with a psychologist of a particular gender or of a shared cultural background. Although it is not a necessity, the mutual understanding of Christian values and experiences and shared knowledge of the Bible can be an advantage when developing a relationship with a therapist.

Which psychologist would I see if I wanted to see a Christian psychologist?

The Talbot Centre currently has eight (8) psychologists who are Christians: Dr Amy Talbot; Michelle Daymond, Shanae Norton, Kezia Parker, Natalie Trinajstic, Jackie Wilson, Rebekah Wood and Alison Young. All of our Christian psychologists are actively involved in their local church and are committed to the Christian faith.

Dr Amy Talbot has also provided consultation to church staff and church communities on a number of psychological issues and is passionate about increasing awareness of psychological issues within the Christian community as well as assisting people to seek support and find effective treatment during difficult times.

Christian psychologist

How will my Christian faith influence the treatment I receive?

It is important to note that being a Christian does not necessarily change any aspect of treatment. This is because psychologists only use evidence-based treatment approaches and research has shown particular types of therapy to be effective in treating certain conditions regardless of a person’s age, gender, culture or spiritual beliefs. There is space, however, within evidence-based treatments, to draw on your Christian values and perspective at a level that you choose. If this is important to you, please discuss this with your therapist at the initial appointment.


Can I still access treatment if I do not identify with the Christian faith?

Yes! The Talbot Centre is a community and family focussed practice that offers services to everyone in our local community, the greater Sydney area and nationwide. We welcome and enjoy working with individuals of all backgrounds and belief systems and our sole focus is on partnering with you to achieve your goals, so therapy is tailored to be relevant to your individual needs and values.

All clinical psychologists are bound by a code of ethics that ensures they remain impartial and non-judgmental of all peoples regardless of their age, gender, cultural background or beliefs. All of our psychologists are empathic to each patient’s circumstances and are non-judgmental about personal and spiritual beliefs and values. Individuals and families of any religious background can be assured that they will be treated respectfully and receive the same high quality of care at The Talbot Centre.

What if I am not sure if you are the right psychologist for me or I still have questions?

If you have questions about how our psychologists who are christians can assist you with your difficulties, please call and speak with our client care team who will be able to help you determine the best options for achieving your wellbeing goals.

Please contact us to arrange a consult.