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Tricia Finkbeiner, Occupational Therapist, Baulkham Hills NSW

6 November 2018

As parents, our goal is for our children to 1. eat and 2. eat what we eat. This allows us to cook one meal and not have to worry about if they are getting a healthy diet. If they eat what we eat and we are eating healthily then our children will too.

This is not so easy if your child is a picky eater and you have become a short order chef, a cheerleader with every bite of food your child takes, a bribe master to get your child to take that one bite, and the passer out of dessert because they ate a few bites of dinner.

We all have jobs or responsibilities with mealtimes. Our jobs don’t overlap, but are dependent on each other.

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Tricia Finkbeiner

Occupational Therapist, Baulkham Hills NSW

Tricia has over 20 years of experience in paediatric Occupational Therapy, including  working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Paediatric Intensive Care Unit, general hospital populations, private practice, schools, preschools and home based settings. She has also previously been the oral motor skills co-ordinator at a clinic in Boston.


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