5 Pregnancy Nutrition Myths-Busted

by | Sep 19, 2018 | Diet, Pregnancy/Fertility

Stefanie Valakas, Dietitian, Baulkham Hills NSW

19 September 2018

If you are (or have ever been) pregnant, it seems that advice about what to do, eat, buy and pack comes from every which direction. From well-meaning family members and friends, health professionals, the internet, social media, the media and sometimes even strangers!

As a dietitian with a special interest in pregnancy and fertility nutrition, I thought I’d bust some of the top myths about eating well during pregnancy.

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stefanie valakas

Dietitian, Baulkham Hills NSW

Stefanie has a strong interest and passion for paediatric nutrition, with a focus on creating positive behaviours and habits around food from childhood leading to a positive relationship with food in adulthood. Stefanie also has an interest in general nutrition support across the ages and works with a wide range of nutritional concerns, assisting individuals and families to navigate the confusing world of nutrition successfully.