5 Simple Steps To Getting A Body You’ll Love

by | Sep 5, 2018 | Body Image, Diet, Eating Disorders, HAES

Tara Trewartha, Psychologist, Baulkham Hills NSW

5 September 2018

When you think about or look at your body, what sort of feelings and thoughts come up for you? For a lot of people, thinking about their body can bring up a lot of negative or uncomfortable thoughts and feelings.

If you’re in the habit of making judgements about your body, have you ever wondered how accurate your judgements are? Have you ever heard a friend or family member speak about their body in a way that is so different to what you see when you look at them? That’s because we humans are notoriously bad at seeing our own bodies in an accurate way. So often we’re judging our own bodies based on misinformation.

Adding to the difficulty of judging our bodies, we live in an environment filled with pictures of unattainable body shapes. We know that the types of bodies shown to us in the media do not represent what the majority of people look like. We also know that these images are retouched to look completely different to real life, which makes these body shapes and features unattainable in the real world. Despite knowing this, it often doesn’t change the way that we judge and think about our own bodies.

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Psychologist, Baulkham Hills NSW

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