Easy, Satisfiying Study Snacks For HSC Students

by | Oct 16, 2018 | Diet, Students

Stefanie Valakas, Dietitian, Baulkham Hills NSW

16 October 2018

With the HSC and other end-of-year exams fast-approaching, it can be tempting for teens and young adults to reach for their umpteenth cup of tea or coffee to keep them awake and alert for study. Fuelling yourself with long-lasting energy to keep your brain firing is essential in getting you through your long-stretches of study.

Here are some satisfying snack ideas to peck at whilst you hit the books (or laptop!).


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stefanie valakas

Dietitian, Baulkham Hills NSW

Stefanie has a strong interest and passion for paediatric nutrition, with a focus on creating positive behaviours and habits around food from childhood leading to a positive relationship with food in adulthood. Stefanie also has an interest in general nutrition support across the ages and works with a wide range of nutritional concerns, assisting individuals and families to navigate the confusing world of nutrition successfully.