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Ashleigh Lovejoy

Ashleigh Lovejoy

Ashleigh Lovejoy

Client Relationship Team


Alongside her role in the team, Ashleigh is a currently completing her postgraduate study to become a clinical psychologist. It is through Ashleigh’s degree, personal life, and work that she has developed a passion to assist and empower individuals on their journey to achieving holistic health. Ashleigh is grateful to work within a team who are enthusiastic about combating mental health stigma, and who strive to assist individuals to progress along their health and wellbeing journey.

In addition to her experience at The Talbot Centre, Ashleigh has worked in pharmacy and as a nanny for primary school-aged children. In 2017, Ashleigh embarked on a mission trip to India, where she worked to raise awareness and help marginalised children who live in poverty. Through these experiences, she has recognised the commonality of mental hardship and has developed an ambition to ensure that individuals are provided with optimal support to make positive life transitions to better their wellbeing. Ashleigh’s motive is to promote a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment and instil hope within individuals on their mental health journey.

Typically, you will find Ashleigh in reception, consuming a packet of salt and vinegar chips.

However, in her spare time, you will find Ashleigh partaking in strength or CrossFit training, reading psychology articles to assist her research, and spending time by the beach with her family and friends.

Ashleigh is considerate and empathetic and looks forward to meeting you and assisting you at all stages of your mental health journey.