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Paige Sontor

Paige Sontor

Paige Sontor

Project Manager


Paige joined The Talbot Centre in December 2018 after working in environmental and outdoor education for five years. In her previous roles, Paige witnessed the positive mental health changes experienced by her students when spending time in the natural world, and this prompted her to develop a strong interest in continuing her work in a mental health related field.

Paige’s passion is to support positive change in the lives of all members of the community. When she first joined The Talbot Centre, she was one of the first friendly faces you would meet at reception. Currently, Paige is based in Newcastle working behind the scenes to help our team provide the highest quality service through projects that aim to ensure your journey with us is a smooth, positive, and supportive experience.

In her spare time, Paige enjoys spending time outdoors, singing and pursuing her interests in marine biology. Paige looks forward to assisting you with any enquiries you might have.