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Jackie Wilson

Jacquie Wilson

Jackie Wilson

Assistant Clinical Director, Senior Clinical Psychologist & Board Approved Supervisor


Jackie has spent most of her professional career working with young people and those experiencing complex mental health concerns in different sectors including private and non-government organisations. Being a part of setting up a youth severe mental health service in Greater Western Sydney in 2019, Jackie’s interest in working with complex mental health challenges, including eating disorders has continued to expand. Jackie has expertise in a range of interventions for supporting individuals with eating disorders and their families including Maudsley Family Based Treatment and Enhanced Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and for working relationally with adolescents, young people and their families.

Much like in her clinical space, Jackie values an authentic and collaborative supervisory space, to explore both skills necessary to do our role in a therapeutic space but also exploring who we are as clinicians. As a clinician who has worked in many different spaces and values a multidisciplinary approach, Jackie has the capacity to supervise different disciplines to strengthen reflection and treatment planning. Having explored much of her own understanding of who she is as a professional, Jackie aims to strengthen supervisees therapeutic identity as they navigate the different complexities that arise as a healthcare professional.

Jackie is available to provide both individual and group supervision.

Supervision Interests:

  • Creating a reflective space to explore transference and counter transference.
  • Strengthening skills and knowledge in eating disorder care.
  • Evaluating ethical and professional standards of conduct and practice.
  • Risk management.

Jackie Wilson can supervise the following health professionals:

  • Provisional Psychologists undertaking the 4+2 or 5+1 internship program.
  • Psychologists undertaking the clinical psychology registrar program as a secondary supervisor.
  • Fully Registered Psychologists and other Mental Health Professionals, for example, social workers and counsellors.
  • Healthcare professionals working with eating disorders, for example, dietitians, GPs