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Kirsten Duffy

Kirsten Duffy

Kirsten Duffy

Senior Speech Pathologist


Kirsten is new to the supervisory space and has a keen interest in developing early career clinicians in working with feeding related disorders. She has a special interest in orofacial myology/oromotor difficulties and the impact these can have on feeding and speech success. Kirsten is motivated to empower early career clinicians with functional skills and strategies to positively impact clients and their families.

Kirsten is available to provide both individual and group supervision.

Supervision Interests:

  • Assessing the impacts and correlation of oromotor skill deficits in the wider feeding process.
  • Developing creative solutions to complex feeding challenges
  • Applying and understanding the anatomy and physiology of feeding
  • Developing fun and integrative approaches to feeding for engaging children and families.
  • Exploring the impacts of oromotor difficulties on speech and language.
  • Orofacial myology
  • Working sustainably as a speech pathologist; preventing burnout

Kirsten Duffy can supervise the following health professionals:

  • Early career speech pathologists in both feeding and speech and language presentations.
  • Speech pathologists with a special interest in eating and feeding challenges, particularly to those related to orofacial myology and oromotor challenges.
  • Speech pathologists who have an interest in the impact of orofacial myology and orofacial difficulties upon speech and language.
  • Health professionals who work as part of a multidisciplinary team who want to extend their knowledge of feeding related work e.g., dietitians, OTs, psychologists