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Michelle Daymond

Michelle Daymond

Michelle Daymond

Senior Clinical Psychologist & Board Approved Supervisor


Michelle is a warm, engaging and approachable Clinical Psychologist with over 15 years of therapeutic experience. She is a Psychology Board of Australia Approved Supervisor who enjoys guiding supervisees in self-reflective practice, while providing them with support to develop their knowledge and therapeutic skills. Michelle provides group and individual supervision informed by her knowledge and experience of evidence-based treatment models including cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), schema therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and the Gottman method. She is able to provide supervision to psychologists who work with clients across the lifespan and in a diverse range of mental health settings, with a special interest in adult mental health. She has extensive experience in complex trauma presentations, relationship issues, and working with first responders.

Michelle is also a Christian and often partners with supervisees who wish to work with a supervisor with a shared faith and world view.

Michelle is available to provide both individual and group supervision.

Supervision Interests:

  • Early career development.
  • Case conceptualisation and treatment planning.
  • Developing clinician self-care and burnout prevention.
  • Developing practitioner professional identity.
  • Client retention.
  • Self-reflective practice.

Michelle Daymond can supervise the following health professionals:

  • Provisional Psychologists undertaking the 4+2 or 5+1 internship program.
  • Psychologists undertaking the clinical registrar program as a secondary supervisor.
  • Clinical Psychology Masters students on placement or working in addition to placement.
  • Fully registered psychologists and clinical psychologists.
  • Other Mental Health Professionals