Think Twice Before Going on a Weight Loss Diet

by | Feb 21, 2018 | Diet, Eating Disorders, HAES

Grace Russell, Dietitian, Baulkham Hills NSW

13 February 2018

As the year has finally started to settle in – school is back, we’re fine tuning our schedules and finally making those appointments – we have come to realise (again) that diets are harder than we thought. We are faced with another year of trying to ‘be good’ only to eat all the wine and cheese on Friday.

Does this pattern of always trying and never feeling at all satisfied with your body or the way you eat sound familiar? It doesn’t have to be this way! I want to show you that losing weight isn’t what its cracked up to be and what to focus on instead for lasting health improvement.

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Grace russell

Dietitian, Baulkham Hills NSW

Grace is enthusiastic about supporting women of all ages to find their own authentic health. Grace brings a caring, compassionate nature to her work and believes that kindness towards the self is a crucial agent for change. She is passionate about blending this with practical skills to ensure her patients can approach eating in a realistic, manageable way.